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new double and single glazed sash windows

Double Glazed Sash Windows

If your sash windows are beyond repair, or if you want to bring your energy efficiency up to the latest standards, treating your house to new double or single glazed sash windows can be some of the most wisely spent money on your property.

Seamless craftmanship

SJB new sash windows are crafted using sustainably sourced timber and we match all mouldings and profiles to blend in with your existing sashes and decor seamlessly.

Ultimate in efficiency

We know that your primary interest is likely to be looking for the most energy efficient double glazed sash windows for your home. Yes it’s common knowledge that double glazed sash windows make a reduction of heat loss, but not many know that the figure is as high as almost a third of all domestic heat escapes through windows. The double glazed sash windows we install are guaranteed highly energy efficient and will improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. Should you have special requirements there are also upgrade options to further increase the efficiency of your windows.

Minimising sound pollution

In addition to improving your energy efficiency and reduced energy bills investing in new double glazed sash windows will also provide you with reduced noise pollution. Sometimes it’s nice to close your windows and shut the outside world out! Specialised acoustic glass can reduce external noise pollution leaking into your home by up to 60%.
Technically speaking acoustic glass has an additional lamination which features an interlayer not seen in standard double glazed windows. It’s this extra layer that can shut out extra noise such as road traffic, overhead planes and railway lines. Importantly this extra layer does not negatively effect the light flow into your room, and so you can enjoy reduced noise without effecting the look of your windows.

The highest quality

SJB Sash Windows offer the highest quality of products and service the market today. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best sash window specialist in the area. At SJB Sash Windows, the customer always comes first, so if you wish to install new double or single glazed in your house get in touch today for a free quote.

Please note: Even if your current sash boxes are in good condition we will need to replace your current sashes when fitting new double or single glazed sash windows.

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“Everything that was done was perfect. Absolutely recommend, Steve and his team are conscientious, reliable and first class workers.”

“I’d definitely use them again for future work and wholeheartedly recommend them to others.”

“Definitely recommended, everything is thoroughly done and methodical. Very courteous and polite.”

Types and styles of sash window

There are many types and styles of sash windows, we are able to create the variant that suits your property.

types of sash window

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