Our overhaul and draught proofing service offers superb value for money with excellent results, complete with the benefits of reduced noise and air pollution, improved energy efficiency and reduced heating bills.

  • We begin by removing your existing sash windows and weights. Old cords, parting, fittings and staff beads are disposed of as we will replace them all.
  • To ensure smooth movement upon re-assembly we will remove excess paint and debris on the pulley style of the box frame and sashes.
  • As a matter of course we will repair any small areas of rot damage that might have been missed at the survey stage.
  • The pulley wheels will be serviced using WD40 to help them run smoothly.
  • The top sash is planned to suit your existing box frame.
  • We will weigh the sashes to ensure correct balance and the weights will be adjusted as necessary.
  • Loose putty will be replaced and any weak sash joints found will be glued, screwed and filled with resin.
  • We will install new nylon sash cords along with the correct weights.
  • Next sashes are routered so to allow us to discreetly apply our track and brush along the sides of the sash and at the top head of the top sash.
  • The top sash will be reinstated and of course checked for a smooth operation.
  • We install new parting beads and sealant is used to seal any small holes ensuring protection from the weather.
  • The bottom sash meeting rail and the sides of the sash will be draught proofed. As previously we use a brush pile weather seal to discreetly ensure an effective seal.
  • We plane or pack the lower sash as required to ensure the meeting rails sit level, before then hanging on the cords.
  • Upon checking the lower sash for smooth operation we fit, new staff beads are mitre to fit. To ensure that it is entirely draught proofed between the upper and lower sash these are supplied with brush pile weather seal.
  • Ironmongery will be installed depending on the client preferences. We offer a choices of Polished Brass, Satin Chrome or Polished Chrome.
  • Finally we undercoat any bare timber.
  • Upon completion of the job dust sheets are removed and we vacuum the room leaving you with a rattle free, overhauled, draught proofed and secure window.
  • Please note: this is not a complete decoration service. The window may still require preparation and painting after we have completed our work. The general condition of the paintwork will remain the same.