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Are you one of those smitten by the architectural look and feel of sash window designs and do not wish to discard them? Do contractors lure you into replacing your old sash windows in the name of modern technology? We understand the sentiments attached to your homes and know that you may be tempted to switch your windows to stay in tune with the current trends. You may be in a quandary in such a scenario. Still, we at SJB are here to provide you with the best, elegant, and practical window solutions in London and beyond.

No, we are not asking you to drop the idea of reminiscence and shell money out of your pockets for a brand-new sash window. Whatever may be the problem with your sashes, they can be refurbished back to their pristine condition. We want you to enjoy a refurbished sash window aided with modern technological advancements without losing the essence of the original window. We take pride in introducing a sympathetic and considerate approach to sash window refurbishment with a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

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Best Sash Window Refurbishment London

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A viable sash window refurbishment involves upgrading your windows with double or triple glazing. Refurbishment of the sashes assists with higher energy-efficient performance, soundproofing and security. Sash windows in period homes are also prone to draughts; double glazing can revive them.

Whether your sash windows need refurbishment, repairs or replacement entirely depends on their condition. Windows define the character of our homes. At SJB, you can rely on us; we are experts in resolving issues and handling your windows with ease and valuable service.

Double Glazed UPVC Sash Refurbishment

Windows adorn our homes and are the like eyes of the building. It could be overwhelming to see them rot or not being able to serve their purpose correctly. With the rampantly growing demand and usage of uPVC windows, all your concerns and worries can now rest.

Your beautiful sash windows may date back to the mid-19th century, but that does not mean they cannot operate like high performance, 21st-century modern windows. With the help of uPVC sash window refurbishment, proper techniques, and an experienced hand, you can enjoy comfort and security whilst maintaining the captivating charm of your original Georgian or Victorian sash windows.

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Double-glazed uPVC sash windows are now a preferred choice because of the varied benefits they offer. With an ideal and improvised combination of the architectural era and styling with the latest technology, it certainly is time to bid farewell to cold and chilly winter nights. Enhance your home’s energy efficiency with double-glazing refurbishment. It is durable, easy to maintain, and offers exceptional thermal functioning.

Extreme weather conditions may cause your windows to rattle, become draughty, and disturb your peace with unwanted noise. Double-glazed windows retain heat insulation, soundproof your property, blocking the noise from outside, and upgrade your security, leaving a cosy environment inside. uPVC windows are also corrosion and termite-free and require low maintenance.

All of these refurbishment perks while maintaining the authenticity and aesthetic feel of your windows.

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Affordable Sash Windows Repair Cost

Have you been planning for a vacation but not being able to save enough? Is all your money being used up to pay the energy bills? Are you now concerned about the refurbishment and repair cost?

Now that you have decided to refurbish, we will let you have a sigh of relief as we render our services at affordable sash window refurbishment prices. A refurbishment will cost less than a complete replacement. It is a one-time investment for a safe long-term future.

Don’t look at the repair cost as an additional expense. Having a refurbished window, you can save up on your energy bills and take that holiday you have been dreaming of.

With SJB sash windows, your windows are in safe and adept hands. Being a family-run business, we are specialists in window manufacturing and installation with finesse.

Our team will take note of all your requirements from A to Z and, with proficiency, deliver to you your dream tailored-modern window. We also make sure that you are satisfied with our sash window refurbishment cost along with our par excellence service.

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