Complete New Timber Sash Windows

If your sash windows are beyond repair, or you want to improve energy efficiency, updating your house with new double-glazed sash windows is a wise investment.

At SJB, we are proud to offer sash windows, which make your home more energy-efficient and enhance the appearance and character of your property.

SJB offers a personal and bespoke service that caters to your individual needs.

All our new timber sash windows are expertly handcrafted in the UK by our experienced carpenters and joiners, who aim to replicate the aesthetic of your original windows as closely as possible. We consider every detail from your existing windows, such as glazing bars, mouldings, and ornate detailing, to ensure that your new windows are entirely in keeping with the period of your property.

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  • Complete New Sash Windows In London
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Complete Window Replacements

Our team has many years of experience working in listed buildings and conservation areas where replicating the existing window features is paramount. In areas such as these, where you are not permitted to change single-glazed windows to double-glazed, you can still improve your home’s energy efficiency as all our new sash windows come fully draught-proofed.

The majority of our bespoke timber sash windows are handcrafted using Accoya Wood. Accoya Wood is a sustainably sourced modified timber with a 50-year anti-rot guarantee, making it the ideal material for use in timber window fabrication.

Alternatively, your bespoke windows can be manufactured using various sustainably sourced timbers, such as a high-quality treated Softwood Nordic Pine or Hardwood Sapele.

Our products offer a fully comprehensive range of glass choices and a multitude of upgrades that could solve many of the problems you may be experiencing with your existing windows; for example, customers can opt to upgrade their windows with acoustic glass, which helps to reduce the noise levels coming in through the windows.

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Window Styles & Colours

Styles Of Sash Window

There are many styles of sash windows, we are able to create the variant that suits your property.

Best Sash Window Styles & Types
Single Colour Options
Dual Colour Options

We can also paint your new wooden sash windows and door two-tone,
one colour outside, and a different colour inside.

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What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows were, traditionally, single-pane systems. These windows work, traditionally, by sliding one sash over another to open and close. Sash window systems are evident in many traditional and classic buildings; however, it is a style that has translated well into the modern age.

However, one of the significant differences nowadays is that sash windows use more than one sheet of glass. It is common for you to see double-glazed windows in London and elsewhere. Double and triple glazing are modern window standards we feel all homes can benefit from. While traditional sash used by UK homes in the past may have served a practical use, they may not have offered the most comfort and warmth.

Therefore, as a leading specialist in London, we blend the best of the old and the new. We take traditional sash window design’s simple, space-saving practicality and introduce modern comforts and standards. This way, homes can benefit from the stunning, customisable looks of a sash window while getting all the warmth and comfort benefits of the modern era. Our window innovations lead the way in terms of flexible, practical design. Let’s take a closer look at some of our available options.

Complete New Timber Sash Windows Near Me

Our sash windows are beautifully painted in a choice of finishes, and for a more personal touch, we can paint your windows with any RAL colour you desire.

We are adept at matching colours from the existing coatings or proposed samples, including stains and varnishes.

Our new sash windows include a complete set of elegant traditional sash window fittings with every new window: sash lifts, pulley wheels, fitch or Brighton fasteners and key-operated restrictor locks to ensure your home stays safe and secure.

On completion of installation, a FENSA certificate is provided for your property records.

Projects we have completed

We’ve mastered our craft over many years of manufacturing & installing a wide range of
Sash, Casement, and Doors into a wide variety of homes.

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Timber Sash Windows For Sale

What Are Average Timber Sash Windows Prices?

Ultimately, the price of a timber sash window installation is going to vary from application to application. That’s because there are several variables which go into a project. You may not choose from standard sizes, for example, which may mean extra work and support needed in fabrication and fitting. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to access a high-value tariff.

We don’t publish all our tariffs and rates online simply because bespoke project pricing can vary. We want to make sure that our customers have access to a flexible, bespoke pricing system that they can depend on when it comes to setting up their project. When you first approach SJB Sash about new timber sash windows in London, we will offer you a quote that’s easy to understand and which is broken down.

What’s more, we want to make sure that you are only ever charged for the services you use, and those you benefit from. We see little point in adding on fees or labour costs along the way. Therefore, applying for a free quote from SJB will grant you a reliable, fixed-rate which you can depend on throughout the project. If you are concerned about timber sash window cost, don’t be. We work with competitive rates and pricing to ensure you get fantastic value, regardless of what you need.

Bespoke Timber Sash Windows London

Practicality And Precision

Choosing SJB to for installation will benefit your budget as well as your project timelines.  As leading experts in the design and installation of bespoke timber sash windows, you can rely on us to deliver an end product which is perfectly in-line with your wishes.  What’s more, we will always deliver project support and labour within timescales that are convenient for you. We aim to provide an efficient, precise service. Just because we work efficiently, doesn’t mean the work we do is hurried or rushed.  Far from it. We want to make sure the windows you buy from us will weather years to come.

Timber sash installations offer incredible practicality and convenience. Sash window systems are already straightforward to operate and maintain. Timber systems are amongst the most resilient on the market, which means you will be purchasing windows which are easy to use and which will stand the test of time.  Bespoke timber sash windows, too, can be tailored and fitted to your exact desires. There will be no more worry over whether or not a window solution will suit your property – as we’ll make sure of it before we even start installing.

A sash horn is one of the key features that make a traditional timber sash horn instantly recognisable. Originally sash horns were an integral part of a timber sash. They were designed to strengthen the mortice and tenon joints of the window and prevent the sashes being opened too far.

You will see a few of our frequently used horn designs below.

Please note we can manufacture to any design horn you currently have.

The newly manufactured sash windows are treated with timber preservation which protects from wet and dry rot. After this the windows receive primer and three coats of a micro porous acrylic paint. All windows are then hung and dried in our dedicated drying room.

Here at SJB Sash Windows we are adept at successfully matching colours with the existing coatings on the property, including stains and varnishes.

SJB new sash windows are crafted using sustainably sourced timber and we match all mouldings and profiles to blend in with your existing sashes and decor seamlessly.

We know that your primary interest is likely to be looking for the most energy efficient double-glazed sash windows for your home. Yes, it’s common knowledge that double-glazed sash windows make a reduction of heat loss, but not many know that the figure is as high as almost a third of all domestic heat escapes through windows. The double-glazed sash windows we install are guaranteed highly energy efficient and will improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. Should you have special requirements there are also upgrade options to further increase the efficiency of your windows.

In addition to improving your energy efficiency and reduced energy bills investing in new double-glazed sash windows will also provide you with reduced noise pollution. Sometimes it’s nice to close your windows and shut the outside world out! Specialised acoustic glass can reduce external noise pollution leaking into your home by up to 60%.

Technically speaking acoustic glass has an additional lamination which features an interlayer not seen in standard double-glazed windows. It’s this extra layer that can shut out extra noise such as road traffic, overhead planes and railway lines. Importantly this extra layer does not negatively effect the light flow into your room, and so you can enjoy reduced noise without effecting the look of your windows.

Specialist Timber Window Company

No matter where you may have compared timber sash window cost elsewhere, it’s crucial you find a leading local specialist to help you through the whole process. After all, windows are something you should be able to rely on for years to come. Why settle for anything less than the best care and guidance?

We always advise you to be careful if you have been looking at ‘cheap’ windows elsewhere. With some firms and services, a cheap service can mean that quality in care and product delivery are compromised for price. At SJB, we offer a balance. We support affordable, cost-effective solutions which are competitively priced. We never compromise the quality of our products or service for the sake of lowering cost. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to providing genuine value in everything we do.

If you’d like to know more about setting up timber sash windows for your home, call or email us today.