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Many homeowners look for casement windows for their properties.  But why is this?  Above all, a great casement window is one which offers security, warmth and classic style.  They are easy to clean, easy to lock and open, and look fantastic as part of classic and modern home styles.  Timber casement windows are some of the most popular of the line.  There is nothing quite like the warmth of traditional wooden windows during the winter!

However, buying timber casement windows online means you’ll have a fantastic, year-round glazing solution.  Working brilliantly with double glazing and triple glazing, SJB Sash is always pleased to bring casement styles to properties across London.  As your local timber casement window specialist, we’re here to offer you a wonderful variety in looks and fits!

But why else might you want to set up timber casement glazing for your home?  Let’s take a closer look.

Fantastic Timber Casement Windows Online

One of the first reasons why people choose timber windows in London is for the look.  Can you blame them?  A stunning timber casement window really stands out.  It’s a simple touch of luxury that’s otherwise hard to come by at affordable prices!  However, you can always rely on SJB Sash offering you amazing value.

Traditional timber casement windows go back decades.  You might have seen a few of them before!  A perfect fit for country homes and townhouses, a timber window is a great talking point.  With all the benefits of double glazing and secure locking, you can make a modern timber window really work for you.

But don’t worry!  You’re not on your own.  If you’d like to know more about our affordable timber casement windows for sale, all you need to do is call.  Or, drop us a line through our web form!

Still unsure about timber windows?  Don’t worry – there’s more to come.

Timber Casement Windows Save You Money

It’s true!  Timber casement windows are fantastic at saving you money.  That’s because they are amongst the best windows for keeping out the cold and keeping in the warm.  Our timber window designs are perfect for autumn and winter days and nights.  Think about how much money you might be spending on heating bills during the cold snap.  Wouldn’t it make sense to purchase air-tight, warm timber casement windows instead?

Timber windows don’t just look warm, they are built to promote heat.  Along with innovative glazing design, traditional timber casement windows have thick seals and sturdy locks.  This means it is difficult for draughts to get in and disturb your warm atmosphere.  However, if you do want to break for some fresh air, it is never too tricky for you to carefully open your window into the world.


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Economic Timber Casement Windows Prices

You may immediately assume that all timber windows are likely to be very expensive.  This really isn’t the case!  When you buy timber casement windows online from SJB Sash, you get incredible value for money.

Our team works in leading glazing design.  That means we never sacrifice quality of glazing or window setting for price.  However, at the same time, we are extremely competitive with pricing.  Therefore, you can always expect us to price our windows fairly in line with the local average.

The best part is, we offer bespoke quotes.  This means that you’re never at the mercy of flat prices.  With a flat price list, you are at risk of paying hidden fees and extra costs that you don’t deserve to fall prey to.  With SJB, we make sure to let you know the cost of timber casement windows before you pay a penny.  It’s one of many reasons why we are a trusted timber window brand in London.  Our timber casement windows prices are some of the most reasonable in London and beyond.


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    Timber Casement Windows are Easy to Clean

    Regardless of what you may have heard, timber windows are really easy to maintain.  It’s part of what makes them popular with most homeowners.  While luxury windows such as these may look difficult to manage, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Providing you take the time to care for and finish your windows across the year, there are few reasons why you will ever need to replace them or have them re-painted.  Buy timber casement windows online from our team and you’ll also receive top quality finishing.  This means that your windows are readily protected against the elements, as well as anything that’s likely to harm them in the years to come.

    Here at SJB Sash, we want to offer you long-lasting, great looking windows which won’t break your budgets.  Therefore, it makes sense to look for affordable timber casement windows online.  If the look and finish of a window and its framing is important to you, then this should be one of your top choices.

    Timber Casement Windows Standard Size & Various Styles

    Think that timber casement windows come in one or two different looks?  Think again.  One of the amazing benefits to working with a leading timber casement window specialist lies in the range on offer.  Timber is a very versatile wood!  What’s more, SJB offers a variety of styles and finishes to help your windows stand out from the pack.

    You don’t have to go for the default or ‘normal’ option.  If you’re looking into creative new ways to show off your home, timber casement windows may well be one of the best options on your list.  Why not take a look at some of our brilliant timber window options to suit your home now?

    Find Your Perfect Timber Casement

    There’s no better time to start thinking about buying new timber casement windows for your home.  Want to know more about the fantastic difference you get with each SJB Sash purchase?  Call us now for a free quote, take a look around our website, and make sure to book with us through web form as soon is convenient for you.