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For millions of homes across the UK, sash windows are the most convenient and cost-effective solutions of their kind. Sash styles have been around for a long time. However, they remain stylish, comfortable to open and secure, and very affordable. Finding the best sash window company London has to offer, however, can sometimes be a tricky task.

SJB is a leading sash window company with years of experience in the trade. Our passionate and talented team knows how to design the best solutions and install them to the most practical ends. There is little wonder why so many homes across the city rely on our services!
If you are new to modern sash, we are here to help. Contemporary sash solutions arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you own a current property, a new build, or a classic house, a traditional sash could give you the practicality and aesthetics you’ve sought.

Be sure to choose a team of experts who specialize in sash windows. We understand that one size never fits all and that everyone’s tastes are different. Therefore, we invite you to look closely at our website & product range. Learn more about sash windows and why SJB is the best team to help bring your sash systems to life.

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What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows were, traditionally, single-pane systems. These windows work, traditionally, by sliding one sash over another to open and close. Sash window systems are evident in many traditional and classic buildings; however, it is a style that has translated well into the modern age.

However, one of the significant differences nowadays is that sash windows use more than one sheet of glass. It is common for you to see double-glazed windows in London and elsewhere. Double and triple glazing are modern window standards we feel all homes can benefit from. While traditional sash used by UK homes in the past may have served a practical use, they may not have offered the most comfort and warmth.

Therefore, as a leading specialist, we blend the best of the old and the new. We take traditional sash window design’s simple, space-saving practicality and introduce modern comforts and standards. This way, homes can benefit from the stunning, customizable looks of a sash window while getting all the warmth and comfort benefits of the modern era. Our window innovations lead the way in terms of flexible, practical design. Let’s take a closer look at some of our available options.

Modern & Traditional Styles

Sash windows arrive in several forms and styles. Traditional, affordable sash may be UPVC, for example. It is a much-loved material that has stood the test of time. Meanwhile, more contemporary and stylish options include stunning timber windows, which are highly durable and gorgeous.

You can also choose horizontal or vertical sash window solutions, too. These systems are fantastic at preserving space both in and outside your home. They are popular with busy households and those who value privacy.

As a top sash window specialist, we aim to provide you with as much choice as possible. What’s more, we work on a bespoke basis. With only a few details, we will set up a free quote for you. No matter how complex or specific your needs may be, let us offer you a price and start a consultation. Our experienced team of window installers has years of industry knowledge, which you can always work to your advantage.

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Affordable Sash Windows Near Me

Double-glazed sash in London and elsewhere is the best option for many people. They are easy to clean and maintain and are incredibly secure. They may be simple to open and close from the inside, but we ensure you get complete protection from the outside.

However, many people will look for great deals in London and beyond. While some local companies may list their prices in full via their website, we take a more bespoke approach. Many things could affect the cost of your project. The number of windows, the hardware options you choose, and the quality of materials you choose can all affect pricing.

Therefore, we encourage customers to contact us directly for low-cost modern sash windows. Let us build you a tailored price based on your exact needs. This pricing method is more cost-effective for buyers, as they are only ever charged for what they use, not at flat, overarching rates.
To prove we are the specialist sash window company London has to offer, we encourage all our visitors to contact us today for a quote. Why not? It is easy to start the process online or via phone with our team.

A London Sash Window Company You Can Trust

While our team specialises in many glazing and home installation services, sash windows are at the heart of our operation. You are always guaranteed to receive incredible quality windows from an original sash company. We have spent years developing and honing our skills as leading designers and installers in London. We’re keen to show homes and families across our region what we can do.

Are you looking for modern sash windows near me, but are unsure where to begin? Don’t worry. Take a look at our online catalogue for inspiration. Don’t ever be afraid to call our team, either, for dedicated help and support. There are many different types of a modern sash, and we can help you find the right look, fit and feel for your home.

Call SJB today to discuss your project needs. Alternatively, book a free quote through our website in minutes, and let us get the ball rolling. We are a London sash window company you can trust on price, expertise and care.