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SJB Sash Windows London Ltd

We’re a family run business specialising in both manufacturing and installation of traditional sash windows. Although we mainly install our sash windows in London & the south east of England, our sash window services reputation is known much further.

We pride ourselves on our reputation where we are recognised for our friendly nature, customer satisfaction, outstanding customer service and our highly skilled & knowledgeable staff.

We’ve been installing high-quality sash windows for over 17 years in both new homes and period properties such as Victorian. As a family, we’ve made homes safer, warmer and quieter with our bespoke double glazed sash windows. We love replicating heritage sash window designs and installing them into modern homes to boosts their competitiveness within the market.

Types of windows we provide

We’re a successful window company that provides casement windows, traditional timber sash windows and UPVC windows. We also offer acoustic glass which is great for sound-proofing your home, as well as double glazing.

You can find more details about our sash windows London services by clicking on the service you’re looking for. We offer anything from timber sash window replacement, uPVC sash window replacement, casement window replacement, sash window draught proofing, sash window repairs & sash window glazing.

There are two main window type in the UK:

Sash Windows

Traditionally, sash windows were made from timber, but, they are now made from various materials much like casement windows. This means that they can be just as energy efficient and safe as other types of windows. They also come in different styles such as box sash windows and shelf sash windows.

Sash windows open and close via a sliding motion. This involves two sash panels vertically or horizontally sliding over one another to create an opening. You choose a sash window that only has a bottom sliding panel or one that enables both sash panels to slide.

Casement Window

Casement windows open by a hinge and they usually open and close just like a door. Casement windows are energy efficient due to their airtight lock and seal. Casement windows tend to have more of a modern design which means they are used a lot in newly built homes. You can get casement windows in various different materials such as timber and uPVC.


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"Everything that was done was perfect. Absolutely recommend, Steve and his team are conscientious, reliable and first-class workers."

"I'd definitely use them again for future work and wholeheartedly recommend them to others."

"Definitely recommended, everything is thoroughly done and methodical. Very courteous and polite."

Double Glazing

You can upgrade your old casement or sash windows with double glazing to improve their energy efficiency. If the frames of your window are too damaged, we may need to replace the frames too. This is so that they can handle the weight of an extra pane as well as to ensure efficiency.

Not only does it help reduce your energy bill, but double glazing also reduces noise pollution. Specialised acoustic glass can reduce noise levels by 60%, ensuring you can rely on your windows to shut the world out. Acoustic glass is an additional lamination which features an interlayer that is not seen in regular double glazing.

We only use materials of the highest quality and our years’ of experience means that premium quality doesn’t always mean a premium price. We’ve sourced the finest materials for years as a family run business and we have many reliable suppliers and connections that means we never compromise on quality.

Draught Proofing & Overhaul

Draught proofing & overhaul helps revive old windows so that they can survive current weather conditions.

In order to do this we may:
– Draught seal your windows to stop leaks and improve efficiency.
– Repair damage to your timber or window glazing.
– Remove excessive paint that could be effective efficiency or closure of windows.

In order to draft proof or draft seal, we will seal gaps that have formed around your window and frame. If your windows are not draft proofed this may lead to dust, dirt, cold air and noise entering your home. Draught proofing also helps save on energy bills by keeping the hot air in and the cold air out.


Let's chat about your requirements


Sash Windows London Finance

We are one of very limited companies in south London that enable you to spread the cost of your new windows with finance. We teamed up with Pegasus Finance so that we can offer flexible and affordable finance to those who can not afford the full cost of getting new windows.

Pegasus finance is an accredited company that makes the getting finance for your windows stress-free. There is no deposit and you can get a payout within 24 hours.

If you want a sash window company that only uses high-quality materials, then you’ve found the right company.

Each quote we supply is tailored to our customer’s individual requirements. We’re sash window specialists which means we’re experts in supplying affordable sash windows that don’t compromise quality. Upgrading to bespoke sash windows can save you up to 41% on heat loss through either repairing or replacing your sash windows.

We provide valuable consumer protection through Quality Assured National Warranties and we are a trusted sash window London provider on Checkatrade.

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