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If you look at homes up and down the UK, you’ll see that there any many different styles of windows.  One of the most popular styles from years gone by is Edwardian.  In fact, it’s not rare at all that you’ll see the odd Edwardian sash window design here and there.

But what is it about Edwardian sash windows that people find so appealing?  It is a fairly modern standard, at least compared to Georgian and Victorian designs!  However, the world of window design has moved on since the early 1900s – so how can we help to bring these aesthetics into the contemporary age?

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Modern affordable edwardian sash windows

Edwardian sash window design is extremely popular.  That’s likely because they have been around for quite some time now!  They offer a nice balance between ornate design and large, panel glazing.  Therefore, they can be fantastic for letting in natural light, all the while adding a classical, turn of the century look to the outside of your home.

Edwardian sash windows are perhaps some of the more modern looks in our ‘classical’ collection.  At SJB Sash, we make sure to design and install sash windows that inspire people from all walks of life.  We understand that different people enjoy different styles and aesthetics!

Many people love the Edwardian look because it is a good, solid window design.  Some people may think that older, more classical windows are less practical, or may even be more distracting.  The Edwardian look, however, seems to bring together the best of both worlds.

However, can all homes really benefit from Edwardian style windows in London?  What if you have a modern townhouse?  Is the look going to clash with your brickwork and facias?  There’s no need to worry – as SJB Sash is on hand to help you find the best look and fit for your home, whether traditional or modern.

Finding the best edwardian style sash windows

Many people invest in modern twists on Edwardian sash windows.  There are plenty of reasons for this!  For one, it’s unfortunate that existing Edwardian windows – those left over from the last century – are likely to be a little outdated.  They are not going to be the best options for keeping in the warmth and for locking out noise!

What’s more, SJB works exclusively in modern window fittings.  That’s not to say we can’t style windows after classical looks, however!  We offer Edwardian style sash windows to London families and homeowners as a standard option.  Whether you have a traditional home or are looking to add classical touches to a modern property, it might just be the look you’re after.

What’s more, Edwardian sash windows are often very flexible.  You can choose from many different glazing options.  You might even choose to replace all the windows in your home in an Edwardian style!  It’s entirely up to you.

Finding the best Edwardian sash windows for your needs isn’t difficult.  All you need to do is make sure you have the best local window installers and designers by your side!

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How Our Team Can Help

Here at SJB Sash, we put you at the heart of your project.  We want you to show us what you are looking for from an Edwardian sash window.  Does the design entrance you?  Do you want to boost your natural light?  Maybe you have an Edwardian home and want to upgrade your windows to match!

In any case, we work closely with you from the start of your project.  This way, we can always be sure to keep your needs at the centre of everything we do.  We’ll work with you to design windows and fittings that are both practical and pleasing.  Not sure on a specific look?  No problem.  We’ll be more than happy to show you a range of options in a variety of styles.

You’ll also be able to check in with us at each stage of the design and installation process.  This means that we will never move ahead without your consent.  Unlike other local window installers in London, we want to make sure you manage your project as much as you need to.  We’re here as advisors, designers, builders and fitters.  Otherwise, you call the shots!

How much do edwardian sash windows cost?

That’s a good question!  As you can imagine, there are many factors which can influence the price of any kind of window.  When it comes to Edwardian sash window prices, you will need to think about sizing, shape, glazing options, finishing and more.

You’ll also need to consider when and where you need to install your windows.  How many would you like us to replace?  Is it a full replacement, or are we setting up windows in a whole new build?  These are all details we will, of course, address with you before we start any new work!

Therefore, don’t be afraid to reach out for a free quote.  At SJB Sash, we make sure to build custom projects at custom rates.  This means that you can always see breakdowns of what you are paying for.  Instead of offering you flat rates, you can avoid paying hidden fees and extra costs by requesting a specific tariff for your precise demands.

Therefore, what are you waiting for?  Surely it makes sense to call the team as soon as possible to get started!

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If you’re interested in setting up Edwardian style sash windows for your home, it’s time to contact a team of local window installation experts.  We understand that you are likely looking for a great deal!  Therefore, why not get in touch with our team – we’ll make sure to set up a design plan of action that will fit your budget.

Edwardian sash windows London and elsewhere can look fantastic on the right properties.  As Edwardian sash window specialists, we have more than a keen eye for knowing what works well.  Trust our knowledge and expertise!  Call SJB Sash today to learn more, or make sure to contact us via web form for a quote.