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Sash windows are some of the most versatile and reliable styles of glazing and fitting in the UK. We specialise in these fittings – the clue is in our name! However, there are many different ways to design and fit sash windows. Do you opt for a traditional sash style, or do you look for something a little more modern? Standard sash windows are those which hark back to an older age or era. These are windows which are inspired by some of the best-looking traditional glazing systems dating back centuries.

Many people choose to buy traditional sash windows for traditional London properties. However, nothing is stopping you from setting up classical, traditional sash window styles for more modern properties, either! At SJB Sash, we want to be as flexible as possible for your needs and design desires.

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What Are Traditional Sash Windows?

Traditional sash window fittings are those which copy the looks of historical windows dating back centuries. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of homes out there which still benefit from the original traditional sash windows they were built with – going back to the 1800s, possibly before! The three main styles of standard sash windows can be split into GeorgianVictorian and Edwardian. However, there are more than a few different twists and takes in between!

Therefore, we will always be happy to explore the various traditional sash-style options we have available to you. Are you unsure if you’d prefer the look of Victorian sash windows or something with a more Edwardian slant? What about harking back to the Georgian age? Our windows emulate the traditional sash styles of old without them ever looking hundreds of years old!

Traditional style uPVC sash windows in London are trendy in this day and age. That’s because homeowners will benefit from efficient, modern glazing and a look that captures a bygone era.

Traditional Or Modern?

One thing which can put some people off buying low-cost traditional sash windows is the idea of them being too ‘old school’. However, you need to remember that you are only buying into a style of window! All of SJB’s glazing and window standards have modern comforts and fittings. This means that, unlike genuine traditional sash windows out there, you’ll get a stylised window fitting with stylish finishing and glazing.

This means that you will benefit from the best of both worlds. Traditional sash window designs from SJB Sash will look fantastic – but at the same time, you will benefit from modern warmth and noise protection that isn’t possible through classical means! This should come as a relief to anyone interested in traditional windows – as it at least means you won’t have to put up with any draughts!

In fact, you can upgrade your traditional sash windows in any way you wish. Want to benefit from triple glazing? Need additional security for your windows? No problem at all. SJB Sash can upgrade and enhance traditional window systems to offer all the modern benefits you expect from contemporary properties. However, you can also rely on no modern features getting in the way of the look of your window aesthetics.

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How much do traditional sash windows cost?

Traditional sash window prices can vary. Depending on the size of windows we design and install, as well as how many you require, the cost of your project will change. This is why we offer a bespoke pricing system for all our customers. This way, you will always receive the best possible value for money through your traditional sash window setup in London.

Various other factors can also influence cost. The location of your project, the assistance and support you require, and the different finishing and enhancements you need will also make changes to the price you pay.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to approach SJB Sash for a free quote. When you call 2082969487 or book online with our team, you can rest assured that we will offer you the best price we have available for sash windows in traditional styles. What’s more, there is never any obligation for you to accept our offer. If you are looking around for low-cost standard sash windows elsewhere, we will be more than happy to compare rates.

Rather than settling for flat rates or confusing prices for traditional Georgian sash windows elsewhere in London, it makes sense to build a custom quote. We’ll let you know precisely what you’re paying for and what makes up your tariff. This way, you will always know what goes into your budget. Why not take the time to call 02082969487  or email us today for your free price?

Why choose SJB sash for traditional sash windows in London?

SJB Sash is a leading name in local traditional sash window installations in London. We have years of experience in designing, creating and installing window systems which are classic, classical, modern and contemporary. We focus on creating window systems that bring the best out of a property. What’s more, we want to ensure we offer our customers exactly what they are looking for.

We won’t just stick to your budget and to the timescales you desire. We’ll make sure to adhere to the project specifics. One of the main reasons why we remain so popular with London homeowners is our attention to detail. From the very start of your project, we will draw up a plan which is practical, beneficial to your needs, and which reflects precisely what you are looking for.

Get a free traditional sash quote.

If you’re looking for a traditional sash window quote in London or elsewhere, make sure to get in touch with SJB Sash. There is no obligation to accept our offers, meaning that if you are comparing prices and fees elsewhere, you are free to continue doing so.

Please take a look at our excellent traditional style uPVC windows and our entire portfolio. Are you looking for a conventional style sash with all the modern comforts? It’s time you spoke to local experts in sash design in your area. Trust a team with years of dedicated experience!