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When it comes to setting up new windows or replacing old systems, many people like to look back on the past.  For example, Victorian sash windows are amongst some of our most popular lines.  Victorian windows in a sash style are clearly inspired by the look and feel of homes dating back centuries.  However, they arrive with modern convenience guaranteed.  If you have a particularly traditional-looking home, or if you’re keen to get back to the past, it may be worth investing in Victorian sliding sash windows or otherwise.

Whether you need affordable Victorian casement windows or specialist kinds of a Victorian sash windows for sale, it’s high time you consulted a local specialist company who can help you every step of the way.  SJB Sash doesn’t just specialise in modern standards.  We work hard to create bespoke window solutions for London homes of all shapes and sizes.  It’s important to us that our customers get exactly what they are looking for, and need, from custom window setups.

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Why Victorian Sash?

Plenty of people choose Victorian sash windows over more modern standards.  But why?  The fact is, much of the UK’s historical architecture is beautiful to behold.  Windows of old are particularly spectacular.  There has been a market growing for capturing classic window standards as well as exterior looks dating back centuries.  However, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same glazing or mechanism standards from the 19th century!

SJB Sash can install double glazed Victorian sash windows based on a variety of modern requirements.  We understand that literal Victorian sash windows for sale weren’t built to offer the same incredible cost and heat-saving properties of current models.  To that end, our team always works hard to make sure we can upgrade and modernise this style of window system in a way that still appeals on a visual level.

Maybe you have an older property which could benefit from a classic window installation.  Or, you could be interested in installing Victorian sash windows to completely revamp and refurbish your existing look.  There’s something wonderfully tireless about old window standards – and we’re here to help bring more of them to the fore.  If you aren’t inspired by modern window designs, that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from their fantastic properties.  Let’s bring the old and new worlds together!

Window Styles & Colours

Styles Of Sash Window

There are many styles of sash windows, we are able to create the variant that suits your property.

sash windows styles and types
Single Colour Options
Dual Colour Options

We can also paint your new wooden sash windows and door two-tone,
one colour outside, and a different colour inside.

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Beautiful victorian sash windows for sale

We specialise in a bespoke service.  Therefore, whether you’d like to know more about Victorian sliding sash windows or double glazed Victorian sash windows cost, we will be ready and waiting to set up a custom project which reflects your needs and desires.  Beyond this, we will always make sure to support you with a tariff that won’t break your budget.

While we don’t list all our prices online, we want to assure our customers that we work to a strict, fixed tariff.  It is a tariff which is very competitive, and which is based on a variety of needs and factors which may arise at any time during a project.  When we build you a quote, whether online, in person or via phone, we take absolutely everything into account.  That means we will price up based on the labour required, timescales, materials needed and more besides.

All we ask you to do is provide us with a series of details based on what you need.  This may include measurements, finishes, styles and materials.  If Victorian sash windows cost are what you are interested in, we will make sure to set up a quote for you based on this particular style.  We will also be able to attend your property to take a closer look at your building and any existing window systems so we can carefully price up for you.

It’s important to us that we deliver incredible value to our customers.  Why should you be expected to pay more for lesser services elsewhere?

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Victorian Sash Window Company

SJB Sash Windows benefits from years of experience in the window and door installation trade.  We have worked with thousands of people and properties over the years to help bring genuinely bespoke sash window creations to life.  To that end, we are confident that we can create stylised or sophisticated window solutions for a variety of needs.  You only have to take a look at our gallery of projects to see how far we’ve come over the years.  What’s more, do make sure to read our customer reviews for additional confidence!

Getting started with your Victorian sash window company in London doesn’t need to be complicated.  It all begins with a free quote.  Click through to our website and supply a few details to get started.  Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, you can call us directly on our helpline, or arrange for our team to visit you.