If it is not feasible to repair your windows then they can be replaced by high performance windows fitted with double or even triple glazing and with low emissivity glass.

Replacing single glazed pains with double glazed units in timber framed windows is an option, in which case we will also upgrade your weights and hinges to counter the extra weight.

Should your local Planning Department not allow you to change the style of windows you have we are able to create like for like replacements.

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According to the Glass and Glazing Federation Energy consumption data, 28% of all domestic heat loss escapes through windows. The installation of new double glazing with Low-E glass and / or draught proofed frames this loss could be cut in half.

In monetary terms that could save £70 – £100 a year for an average 3 bedroom house. And to that end all glazing panes we use have the lowest U-Value rating (find out more about U-Values) to suit your requirements.


Depending on the size and style of window, certain areas of glass must comply with BS 6206 safety regulations.

The grey areas shown in this diagram indicate the areas that must comply, and where a part of a window is shaded that entire pain must comply.

Safety glass is five times tougher and is perfect for vulnerable ground and first floor windows. Upon impact safety glass disintegrates not into sharp shards, but into smaller granular pieces to reduce the risk of injury.

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