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Whether setting up a new home or refurbishing an older property, glazing quality is something you should prioritise. When it comes to creating a stunning exterior look, and helping to keep things safe and warm, double glazing London and elsewhere is the leading standard. Many double glazing companies London and beyond will offer you a variety of choices when it comes to designing your perfect look. However, the best thing you can possibly do is make sure to find the best quality money can buy.

But what if you’re on a tight budget? What if you’re unsure what glazing you actually need? Here at SJB Sash, we work closely with all of our customers to make sure you find the perfect look and fit. Secondary glazing in London doesn’t have to cost the earth, and what’s more, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality glazing for the sake of cost.

Here’s a quick guide to affordable & top quality glazing from SJB Sash, and why you should take your windows seriously!

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Why Choose Double Glazing?

Many people choose double glazing in London because of the comfort and security that it offers.  Secondary glazing London and elsewhere is popular because it is not only affordable and flexible to a range of fittings but because it offers incredible thermo-protective properties.

It is just basic mathematics.  Double glazing uses two sheets of high quality glass as opposed to just one.  This means that, naturally, you receive double the warmth and protection you’d get from a single sheet.  Beyond this, it also means you get added noise protection.  That’s why so many people opt for secondary glazing in London, particularly when there is a lot of the hustle and bustle outside.

Double glazed sash windows London and elsewhere are also popular.  Sash windows are famously easy to clean, maintain and secure.  Double glazing just seals the whole deal.  Secondary glazing options are always the first choice we offer to customers, simply because they are the most cost-effective and offer the most flexibility.

What Is Triple Glazing?

If you want to go one step beyond, you can always choose triple glazing London or elsewhere.  Triple glazing noise reduction is easily the finest on the market, meaning that if intrusive noise is always a problem for you, you really should consider three sheets of glass as opposed to one or two.  However, you may feel that two is enough!

If you worry about triple glazing costs, you must speak to our team.  You may find that other companies offering glazing in London provide costs and fees upfront on their website.  This isn’t always the best way to go!  We offer bespoke pricing and tariffs, which means you should always call us 02082969487 directly for quotes tailored to your exact needs.

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Bespoke Glazing In London

If you’d prefer a custom look or fit for your home, we are always happy to offer bespoke glazing London and beyond.  Therefore, you never have to feel that you must stick to the standards listed in our catalogue.  Bespoke glazing is something we specialise in – meaning that if you want a unique look or feel for your home, you should never have to feel bad about asking!  To really stand out from the crowd, you may want a specific finish or tint to your glazing, for example.

If you’d like extra privacy, your glazing can also arrive misted or frosted.  We have a range of options and choices which we can run through with you at the start of your consultation.  If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry.  We will make sure to offer you recommendations on what will work best for your home as well as for your budget and lifestyle.

Double Glazing For Maximum Efficiency

When it comes to picking the best double glazing windows London has to offer; you’re going to need to look for a few key qualities in the firms you work with.

  • You need experience. Modern glazing can be complicated!  While it is easy to install, clean and maintain, it can be tricky for less experienced firms to hit the ground running.  By choosing leading double glazing companies London homes turn to year after year, you’ll have access to confidence and experience.
  • You need a fair tariff. Many companies offering secondary glazing in London may tell you that they provide ‘cheap’ rates.  This doesn’t always mean you are getting the best quality of product or care.  In some cases, companies will expect you to compromise quality for the price.  That’s simply not fair!
  • You need friendly expertise. Part of what makes SJB Sash a leading name in the business is the fact that we are approachable.  We think all our customers deserve a friendly helping hand when it comes to getting the best glazing.  We will, therefore, help you look for affordable options for glazing London and elsewhere, from double glazing fittings to tinted windows and frosting.

If you’re worrying about double glazing prices, it’s time you spoke to a leading name in the business.  Glazing really isn’t something you should pay a premium for.

Sash Windows With Secondary Glazing In London

If you need secondary glazing sash windows London can be proud of; there is no better time than the present to call SJB Sash.  You can either contact us directly via helpline or if you’d like more information, you can always get in touch with us via online form.  This way, you can tell us more about your needs, and we will call you back with a reliable quote.

Bespoke glazing in London should be affordable for all.  What’s more, you should never expect to sacrifice excellent quality for the sake of a deal.  Choose a company who cares about offering you the best glazing products while making sure you can feasibly afford them.

Call SJB Sash at 02082969487 to learn more about double glazing, products, and our bespoke service – and we will help you with a free consultation and quote.  SJB Sash is the one reliable name in double glazing windows London families should ever need to call.