Bronze Range UPVC Sash Windows

Take one of the most respected, competitively-priced UPVC systems on the market and turn it into an impeccably stylish timber-effect sash window – that’s the
genius of the SJB Bronze.

With a more contemporary appearance than either of its siblings, the SJB Bronze is a hugely versatile window, ideally suited to everything from upgrading existing windows on older properties to adding retro-chic to newly built homes.

Inward tilting for easy cleaning, hassle-free maintenance and an extensive variety of finishing and hardware options make the SJB Bronze one of the all-round best sash windows currently available!

SJB Bronze General Features

The SJB Bronze delivers affordable authenticity – a significant cut above your standard UPVC sash with both its vintage detailing, and outstanding all-round performance.

A made-to-measure SJB Bronze won’t rattle, warp or rot – and will deliver standout features

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Window Styles & Colours

Styles Of Sash Window

There are many styles of sash windows, we are able to create the variant that suits your property.

Colour Options
Colour Hardware Options
Title Platinum & Gold Range Silver Ranger Bronze Range
PROFILE DETAIL Putty line Putty line Sculptured
MEETING RAIL 35mm 44mm 60mm
RUN-THROUGH HORN Seamless Flat (option) Flat (option)
NO HORN Seamless (option) Option Option
CORNER DETAIL True mechanical Welded Welded
DEEP BOTTOM RAIL Standard Standard Option
DEEP CILL Option Not available Not available
ASTRAGAL BARS Authentic Heritage Geo
FURNITURE Globe Acorn Acorn
REMOVABLE STAFF BEAD Option Not available Not available

Full Mechanical Joints Emulating Traditional Joinery

  • Anti-jemmy bar
  • A-rated energy efficiency
  • Tilting sashes for easy cleaning
  • Secured by Design enhanced window security (optional)
  • Extensive range of colours and options
  • Optional deep bottom rail
  • Wide choice of furniture colours and glass options
  • Safety-enhancing limit stops (optional)

Projects we have completed

We’ve mastered our craft over many years of manufacturing & installing a wide range of
Sash, Casement, and Doors into a wide variety of homes.

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SJB Bronze Range UPVC Windows

SJB Bronze Range has been designed to suit a wide range of projects. From traditional to modern, retail to commercial, SJB Bronze Range is suitable for any property.

With this in mind SJB Bronze Range is competitively priced, making is especially useful when tendering for new build and commercial projects. But just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it offers less.

It offers excellent ‘A’ rated thermal performance, great sound insulation and enhanced security. And with options such as run-through horns, a deep bottom rail and different furniture types, it can be dressed to suit any setting.

SJB Gold and SJB Silver have flat chamfered putty-style glass lines. SJB Bronze Range is different – it uses sculptured ovalo lines throughout for a traditional, soft look.

And it’s not just the glass lines; the ovalo detailing continues through the optional deep bottom rail, the anti-jemmy bar and the astragal bars as well.

The result is a consistent traditional understated style that works well on new and old properties.

SJB Bronze Range is available with a wide range of options, allowing you to customise it to suit your customer’s exact needs.

It’s available in six standard colours and finishes – including smooth cream – or can be painted to any RAL colour. It has a deep bottom rail option and a range of sub-cills. Like all windows in the SJB collection, you can add Secured by Design to enhance security, or acoustic glass to increase sound insulation.

While SJB Bronze Range looks just like a traditional sash window, it also has all the benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

It’s energy efficient; SJB Bronze Range is ‘A’ rated as standard. It offers excellent acoustic performance helping to block out external noise, and it’s PAS 24 accredited, so it’s strong and secure. This can be enhanced even further with optional Secured by Design rating.

Like every window in the SJB collection, both sashes tilt inwards to make them easy to clean from the inside.

  • Eurocell profile
  • Sculptured ovalo detailing
  • Decorative horns
  • Welded joints
  • Traditional furniture
  • Torsion balances
  • ‘A’ rated thermal efficiency
  • Flush cill
  • Anti-jemmy bar
  • Maximum width: 1600mm
  • Maximum height: 2400mm
  • Frame depth: 125mm
  • Midrail: 60mm
  • Bottom rail: 68mm
  • Deep bottom rail: 100mm
  • Cill depth: 150mm
  • Sub-cill depths: 180mm and 210mm (including 30mm window board spacer)
  • Glazing: 24mm IGUs
  • Standard finishes: white, cream white woodgrain, cream woodgrain, irish oak, golden oak, rosewood
  • WER energy rating: A
  • Run-through horns
  • No horns
  • Deep bottom rail
  • White, cream, white woodgrain, cream woodgrain, Irish oak, golden oak or rosewood finish
  • Painted finish (any RAL colour on smooth or woodgrain)
  • Projecting sub-cills (180mm and 210mm)
  • Secured by Design
  • Lifetime Homes pack

Max width/height and energy rating are dependent on finish and glazing configuration.

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Sjb Silver Range UPVC Windows

SJB Silver Range UPVC Windows are a prestigious market leading sash window that embodies period charm and character in every aspect. Manufactured with traditional detailing found in original period windows, the SJB Silver Range comes highly customisable and in a range of colours to suit your requirements. Decorative features such as authentic astragal bars and run-though sash horns ensure authenticity and make these windows virtually indistinguishable from timber originals.

These high engineered windows are both secure and perform fantastically when looking at acoustic and energy efficient levels. Furthermore the modern technology behind these SJB Silver Range windows mean that they are low maintenance and are easy to operate.