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Are you considering setting up new sash windows for your home? Do you find the look of luxury window frames and systems interesting – but are worrying about the potential cost? There really is no need for concern. SJB Sash offers a fantastic array of different sash window options for homes across our region. In many cases, wood effect sash windows prove to be some of our most popular – simply because they really do bring together the best of both worlds!

Our team has years of experience in working with the best sash window materials available. We’ve helped to create some truly stunning looks for homes across our region, and what’s more, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a fantastic array of long-lasting, durable, and protective windows. But why might you consider wood effect UPVC sash windows as a priority? What sets our windows apart from the pack – and are they as affordable as people say they are?

Keep reading to find out – or, make sure to check out our online catalogue and website, with more information on everything you can expect from the wood effect and UPVC options across the board. Don’t forget, you can always call a friendly member of the talented SJB Sash team for tailored advice and support whenever you are ready.

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Why buy wood effect UPVC sash windows?

Why not? Wood effect UPVC sash windows are likely to appeal to window buyers who want to make sure they have access to great looking glazing without the high cost. While our traditional wood sash window fixtures are competitively priced, many people prefer the benefits of UPVC, alongside the looks and aesthetics of wood effect.

Wood effect sash windows really look the part. We develop flexible sash window solutions which will look spectacular in any weather, and which might just enhance and revamp the whole outer look of your property. Let’s also consider the major benefits of UPVC sash windows, too. UPVC is reliable, durable, and very easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, it remains one of the most affordable window installation solutions across the UK. To many people, it is likely to be the first choice they make when setting up new windows, or when replacing old ones.

These UPVC sash windows, of course, benefit from a wooden look. This means that you get the best out of both worlds. You get a wooden look and modern style, and all the affordability and durability of UPVC in one simple package. It’s well worth holding out for!

If you’re unsure whether or not wood effect UPVC sash windows are likely to work well for you, do make sure to take a close look at our website and catalogue online. Here, you will be able to see more of our projects and window solutions for yourself before you buy. It’s always good to get an insight before you pay any money – and what’s more, you can always call and speak to a member of our team to learn more about what’s available.

How much do wood effect UPVC sash windows cost?

The cost of wood effect UPVC sash windows may vary from project to project. This means that you can always expect a few factors to impact on the price you eventually pay. For example, the size and complexity of windows you order may heavily affect what you pay to us. What’s more, the location of your windows – as well as how many you order from our team – can also have a knock-on effect with the final bill.

To get a clear picture of how much wood effect UPVC sash windows actually cost, we encourage you to call our team or to contact us via web form at your earliest opportunity. This way, we can let you know exactly what you’ll expect to pay from the get-go, and what’s more, there will never be any threat of hidden charges.

We want to make sure that all our customers have access to fantastic value in window design and installation. That’s why our competitive rates are so transparent and clear from the off. Don’t rely on flat rates – call us and we’ll build you a custom quote!

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