Sustainable Wooden Casement Windows

Buying a new home or refurbishing your old one, windows are always a significant part to consider. How comforting it is to relax in our homes and enjoy an unobstructed exterior view! The world of windows can be complex as they offer innumerable options to choose from and consider. While many in the UK still prefer and find sash windows more attractive, casement windows are often disregarded as they are associated with older properties. However, present-day casement windows change how you style your homes and are gaining much popularity as they offer a modern-traditional look. Upon reading further, you are sure to be convinced about them.

Wooden Casement windows, also known as crank windows, are attached to their frame by one or more hinges at the side and open at a 90-degree angle. Casement windows are furnished in various products and designs, but wooden casement windows are just what you need.

Homeowners everywhere are now embracing wooden casement windows for their vintage and aesthetic feel. Wood has an appeal to the eyes, is sustainable and is often viewed as a touch of luxury. Wooden casement windows are specially designed and crafted for winters and colder regions as they help keep the home interiors warm.

Apart from these, the added benefits are that they are flexible and are easy to open and lock, which aids in easy interior cleaning. Wooden casement windows offer excellent ventilation, keeping your indoor air fresh and clean. These windows allow a nice breeze into your homes during summers, making it a complete, versatile option for your houses all year round!

Security is also one of the main features of wooden casement windows, as it is challenging to break into, as the locks are “hooks” that are embedded in the frames and are tamper-free.

At SJB Sash Windows, we specialize in catering to your home needs. You can rely on us for furnishing quality wooden casement windows for sale.

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Quality Wooden Casement Windows Cost

There is often an assumption that wood is expensive and wooden casement window prices will cost you the Earth. Well, wooden casement windows offer you a reliable quality window solution but also an affordable one. Do not gasp when we say so.

These windows put forward the best and highest-performing energy-efficient solutions. Wooden casement windows have an airtight seal preventing unwanted airflow into and out of the house. Hence making it beneficial during the winters and keeping the house warm. These wooden frames are a perfect fit for winters and autumns, saving you money on your heating bills. Traditional wooden casement windows have thick seals, making it difficult for draughts to get in and disturb your cosy environment. Repairing wooden casement windows is also cost-effective.

With durable double and triple-glazed window solutions, our custom wooden casement window costs are affordable and economical. We offer fantastic quality products at bespoke prices, so there is no hidden fee. We let you know about every penny that you pay.

Secure Wooden Flush Casement Windows For Sale

Wooden Flush casement windows are designed in a way where the opening window closes flush into the outer frame. These windows are becoming extremely popular, and homeowners prefer smooth, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing designs this window provides.

These windows with traditional designs are prevalent in period homes and cottages; however, there is a demand for their use in contemporary new houses and minimalist conversion properties due to their clean and sharp lines. With wooden flush casement windows, you can get the look of authentic wood and all the modern benefits together.

With a highly efficient wooden flush casement window, the heat generated within your house will not be able to escape. You can also opt for the ultimate energy-saving double or triple glazing to reduce noise further and conserve heat. They are robust and impact-resistant with advanced locking systems.

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  • Flushfit Casement Multi Locking
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A classic wooden flush-fitting appearance on the exterior, combined with great textured detail on the interior, makes it a truly breathtaking window solution. Why compromise beauty with functionality? When at SJB Sash Windows, we bring you a blend of both and urge you to style your homes in tune with the latest trends.

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