We are all terrified by the high energy bills that we get nowadays. These bills can eat up our entire budget and leave us stranded. In such a situation, we need to look for alternatives that can help to save energy, lower bills and save the environment, which all of us are trying to achieve. Double glazing has become a very important part of every construction. Be it a modern house or a traditional house, everyone wants to save energy. Saving energy is important as it saves the environment and lowers energy bills, saving you tons of money. Double-glazing windows come in various colours, shapes and designs, which easily complement the aesthetics of your house. People generally install these double glazing for sash windows for the following reasons:

  • Make the home peaceful
  • Reduces condensation in your home
  • A warm and comfortable home

How does double glazing work in Windows?

Double glazing is incredibly efficient at saving energy and maintaining the temperature in your house. Let’s understand how it works. 

  • No transfer of heat: When the wind outside is cold but the temperature inside is warm, you don’t have to worry when you have double-glazed windows. When the wind reaches the window, its temperature won’t be passed inside because of the insulation between the two window layers. The insulation in wooden sash double glazing creates a layer between two layers of window glass.
  • Noise-proof: A double-glazed sash is the best option if you don’t like a lot of noise. The glass panes have a layer of gas between them that prevents the external noise from getting transferred inside, creating a noise-proof shield. 
  • Less use of heaters: With double glazing, you will not be required to switch on the heater or the heating system regularly. This is because the window will reduce heat loss and maintain the temperature inside, making it easier to discontinue using heaters for hours and hours. Once switched on, a heater can keep your space cosy for long.
  • Reduced energy bills: The prolonged use of heaters, boilers, and central heating systems results in more energy bills. Internal double glazing for sash windows allows no heat transfer, reducing your dependency on these appliances and reducing your utility bills to the max. 

Double glazing window cost:

After knowing the benefits, one place where people generally get stuck is knowing the cost of double glazing sash windows. People generally think adding something extraordinary and sustainable to their homes means indulging in an expensive affair. That’s not the case with sash and case double glazing. Sash and case double glazing costs are low and save up much energy. When considering installing windows, go for this option, as it won’t cost you an eternity. 

You can always contact a local company, the manufacturers, and the sellers who are in this profession. They will help you get a decent quote and ensure your work is within budget.


The double-glazed window is great for people who want to save energy and money and do not want outside noise to enter your home. It is especially great for people living in areas with more energy consumption. It will lessen your energy bills drastically. The double-glazed sash windows are much more durable than normal windows, drastically reducing the chances of accidents. The double layer makes it very difficult to break, adding an extra layer of security to your house. 

Wish to change how your window looks to add a new touch to your house? Add double-glazing windows and save energy and money. SJB Sash Windows has been in the market since 2001. The local experts have seen all the trends; this window is the most energy-efficient. The courteous and professional service will give you a sense of satisfaction that you have invested in something significant and are working with good people. The cost of sash double glazing is also very affordable. The specialists have many solutions for upgrading old timber sash windows into secondary double glazing for sash windows