Aesthetic enhancements with sash windows

Every home dreams of adding a classical or conventional touch along with its modern architecture. This is easier said than done; the thought process and implementation are challenging. By owning a home in London, you may have a list of options to make your home look classic, but nothing would beat the aesthetic satisfaction offered by sash windows.

Timeless and ageless pieces like sash windows have been accepted as the most desirable window fitting over the years in British homes. Though there may have implemented structural changes to it, the window is effective against intrusion, theft and break-ins. Thus, it has made its way all the way from Britain to Europe to adorn homes and villas that want only the best to match their home interiors without looking out of place.

Investments in interiors are plenty, but it is equally essential to match the exteriors to the beauty of the inside. So, if you can portray the elegance of your home by adding classy sash windows, it can stop people in their tracks and unconsciously look at your home.

A list of varieties you need to know

You may know some varieties of sash windows, but here is a list that you may be vaguely familiar with. We can highlight the divisions each fall into and how they are essential in transforming your home.

Traditional sash windows

  • EDWARDIAN SASH WINDOWS- Edwardian sash windows tend to cross our minds first when we speak about timeless window designs. Despite its short era, the designs have been revamped and come in different options with the same base design to preserve the traditional style. Homes with Edwardian sash windows are simply gorgeous and a sight to look at. The layout is uncomplicated yet effective in protecting the privacy of homes fitting them.
  • GEORGIAN SASH WINDOWS- As one of the oldest forms of window designs, Georgian sash windows are still in use because of their distinct six-panel window design with three on top and three at the bottom. Georgian sash windows have been seen in several 18th-century architectures that still stand strong. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting and elegant sash window, then Georgian sash windows it is.
  • VICTORIAN SASH STYLE WINDOWS– Victorian-styled homes were made towards the end of the Georgian era that shared a similar and advanced level of architecture. This change was particularly reflected in their sash windows which were generally 6-over-6 formation turned to 1-over1 formation. If you are looking for a strong sash window design that can support your glazing well, then Victorian sash windows can suit your requirements.
  • BOX SASH WINDOWS- When choosing double or triple-glazed windows, people often have to contemplate a window design capable of holding the glazing very well and not destroying its property in the long run. For such cases, box sash windows are highly preferred because, as the name suggests, it is box-shaped, which has a simple mechanism and enclose the glazing firmly. This type of sash window dates back to the 17th

Modern Sash Windows

  • FLUSH SASH WINDOWS- As the most demanded sash windows, flush sash windows have earned their reputation as one of the simplest yet stylish sash windows out there. With the finish flush facing the external part of the window, when you close the window, it creates a smooth external look that is desired by every home in London.
  • DOUBLE-GLAZED SASH WINDOWS- An ideal choice, double-glazed sash windows suit the purpose it serves. Homes that wish to improve thermal efficiency without making large investments in aircon or coolers.
  • WOODEN SASH WINDOWS- The exceptional quality of wooden sash windows has made them a big deal among homeowners who wish to add the tinge of a traditional look with reliable material. We all know wood has the property to age like a fine wine which makes it stronger every year.
  • SLIDING SASH WINDOWS- Latching and opening windows can be simplified if they can be slid open and locked automatically once shut. This is what you get from sliding sash windows. The sliding sash windows can be slid vertically, with one overlaying the other.
  • TIMBER BOX SASH WINDOWS- As mentioned about box sash windows earlier, timber box sash windows are framed with the best quality timber that makes the outer part of the window look elegant while it is secured from the inside.
  • PLASTIC SASH WINDOWS- Plastic sash windows or uPVC sash windows are the modern replication of traditional timber sash windows that adds character and are cheap to afford. If you are planning to renovate or upgrade your current windows, then choosing plastic sash windows can be your best choice.
  • WOODEN DOUBLE-GLAZED SASH WINDOWS- While making improvements to your property, missing out on the top-quality wooden double-glazed sash windows would be a mistake. They tend to retain thermal efficiency but also increase the value of your property as well.

Why should you choose SJB sash windows?

With all that mentioned, we reserved the best for the last. You can also get bespoke sash windows that suit your requirements and match your home aesthetics without hassle. How can you get that? By getting to know the expert SJB Sash Windows Specialist, you are promising yourself to get nothing less than the best to suit your home aesthetics and architecture.

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