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Furnishing windows have eternally represented an essential part of our homes as they facilitate ventilation. But today, the trend has changed, and windows have become more of a combination of both necessity and luxury. They supplement charm to your home apertures and soothe the decor.

Sash windows have modified the face of architecture in the UK and have adorned British households for decades. Whether it is a Victorian or a Georgian style sash, a cottage or a stately mansion, sash windows have been the highlight and the distinctive feature of period homes. And even today, they continue to reign the world of windows with their contemporary styles.

Selecting the Perfect Window Experience for your Homes

Sash windows are available in an incredible number of styles, sizes, materials and prices, leaving you perplexed. You may feel a drift in an ocean of possibilities. To avoid this entire daunting process, you need to contemplate various factors and break them down. Here’s a step by step guide taking you through the scope of areas to consider and making it more straightforward for you.

1. Need Assessment: Do you want to refurbish your windows to upgrade their efficiency? Or are you looking for a window replacement? If yes, then do you have a particular pre-decided style? Or do you desire a change and want to pick a completely different option? Are you looking for a replacement for functional purpose and better aesthetics? Are you a new buyer of sash windows and are entirely clueless? Phew! It can get exhausting! In such a scenario, it is crucial to chalk out your fenestration requirements. Narrowing it down will help you in decision making and will make it easier to get your dream window installed.

2. Framing Material: Keeping the physical and stylistic aspects of a window aside, you need to choose a framing material that serves you best for all climatic conditions. Today with so many framing options available, it is indispensable to go with the one that is durable, easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance, and renders excellent thermal efficiency. There are two primary framing materials for sash windows: Timber and uPVC:

o Timber: Wooden frames are one of the best for window installation, which homeowners prefer. Wood takes a high road as it exudes a natural and rich look. Along with this, timber frames are sturdy and resilient. It lasts longer and serves as an effective insulator.

o uPVC: Sash uPVC windows are extensively used as a substitute for painted wood. It is cost-effective, low maintenance and a feasible solution. It leaves a sleek shine on your windows, along with great insulation, keeping your home interiors warm.

Plenty of homeowners are also opting for an added layer of security through secondary or double glazing, which aids in draught and soundproofing your windows, leaving you with more peace of mind. Examine your framing options well by putting more emphasis on quality and features.

3. Style: Every different era calls for different sash window styles. Preferences change over time, so it is vital to choose windows that suit the period of the property. With “six over six” panes being the standard Georgian style sash window, “two over two” panes favoured the Victorian style. Nowadays, the window type also depends on whether you have a heritage home, a modern house, or something in between. It should be eye-candy and blend in with the appearance of the home. Each property is different and designing taste varies from homeowners to homeowners. Typical modern-day options include a single-hung, double-hung and a sliding sash window. A few variations are windows that slide vertically, horizontally or tilt outward from the top, bottom or side. Vintage or a modern window, make a choice that defines your property and maintains the beauty.

4. Refurbishment/ Replacement: You may be motivated to replace your windows when you hear that, “Replacing your home’s windows with new windows should raise your home’s essence”. This statement could only be accurate if you consider all the factors such as quality, efficiency, ventilation and added comfort. Installing a low-quality window without much research will only detract your home’s value and make you lose your savings. If your energy bills have steadily increased in the past few months, or you have noticed drafts coming in from your windowpane or frame, perhaps you need to refurbish your windows rather than replacing them. Instead of deciding things in haste, it would be recommended to contact an experienced team of window manufacturers and then compare your options.

5. Budget: You require to establish a budget. It will further reduce your options and streamline your selection.

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