how to make your windows stand out

Your windows look great, you’re proud of them and you want to show them off.

Windows really can be the make or break of a room. Dressing them appropriately and adding your personal design can completely transform the room.

People often assume adding these touches to be expensive. Of course like anything, there are costly options but also cheaper alternatives too. Injecting colour into your property through painting your window frames or adding bold curtains can make the world of difference.

If you’re someone looking to spark your creative energy into a project, you can create your own flower boxes or get designing window stickers.

A really cost effective and environmentally friendly way to spruce up your windows is to create your own windowsill garden. Plants look great and you can make a really beautiful arrangement. They also have many health benefits and help clean the air within your home – What more could you want!

Designing the space around your windows can be fun and it’s nice to sit back and enjoy it.

The infographic below has plenty of ideas that can get you inspired and enhancing your windows in no time.

Know How To Make Your Windows Stand Out